LLB Furniture - Living Life Bed – Home Design Furniture
LLB Furniture - Living Life Bed – Home Design Furniture

Our Products

Perfect furniture for every room, according to your wishes, from our design masters. LLB brings style into your space, with experience and reliability.

LLB | Living Life Bed | A quality choice – Design Home Furniture


A cosy kitchen is the centre of a happy home: LLB knows this well.

LLB | Living Life Bed | A quality choice – Design Home Furniture


Sleeping better in a comfortable bed, keeping your things in a designer wardrobe -that’s living with love.

LLB | Living Life Bed | A quality choice – Design Home Furniture

Living room

Move around your space between elegant, functional and beautiful pieces. LLB: the best choice for your living room.

The Story

Born from the combination of classic tradition in furniture manufacturing and technological innovation, LLB has been bringing avant-garde furnishing solutions to the homes of many customers for years, both in terms of solutions and ideas.

The founders, a couple experienced in interior design, had a very simple idea, to bring the elegance of Made in Italy furniture back into homes all over the world, at a price that was just as innovative as the products themselves. Since the beginning, LLB has been designing, creating and distributing furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens in full respect of Italian design, style and simplicity that meet a refined renaissance of the most beautiful and popular styles in the recent years.

You will love being home and being cozy, especially surrounded by an aura of elegance.

LLB | Living Life Bed | A quality choice – Design Home Furniture

The vision

LLB did not choose its philosophy by chance. Living Life Bed.

Taking an old saying and giving it a new identity has not been easy. Combining tradition with new technologies and new demands has meant a step forward for LLB. An enormous and an impactful one.

At LLB we have opted for sustainable production, using certified materials (FSC certified MDF), with respect for ancient craftsmanship, combined with hi-tech manufacturing, collaborations with partners, suppliers, distributors in line with our practices and values.


LLB manufacturing, our way of ‘making furniture’, is an original mix of tradition and technology, old and new, human and technological.

This combination is clearly reflected in our products, all of which share a unique hybrid nature.

For LLB, the art of furniture making is a task carried out by specialised technicians who work while take into consideration the specific values of the company, using modern technology and state-of-the-art materials.

The result, our unique furniture.

The Design

The choice of LLB designs is a clear homage to the Scandinavian style, but with strong references to the Italian tradition in furniture design.

A skillful use of different and complementary materials, combined with simple, traditional, yet decisive and elegant lines, have created original and unique furnishing solutions.

A design choice that also fits perfectly into our way of thinking about all furniture, contemplating versatile solutions that are perfect for every room and situation. They are interchangeable and proven to be used well for different purposes. LLB creates designer furniture, but without any limits.